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Chapter 5
A Quest Begins

"My…my mom?" I gasped and stumbled backward.
"How? Why?" So many unanswered questions I used to ask my dad were flooding back into my head, it made me dizzy. Questions like: how come I don't have a mom like other kids? Why don't you like to talk about her? Then I remembered when I was 6, me and dad still lived in North Carolina then. Until he got this nasty call that made him really angry and concerned for my safety, and we had to all of a sudden move to Chicago? Was mom or I mean this Goddess Iris apart of that?
I sat, a lump on the floor, trying to gather my thoughts. I tucked a strand of my tedious straight brown hair behind my ear. Then the revelation hit me. My mom's a Goddess!
I stood up driven by a gallant new force, marched up to the sink where Ms Rainbow was.
"If you're a Goddess then tell me is my Dad gone forever? Can I save him? He isn't dead is he?"
I sprung a sting of questions on her using every bit of boldness I could muster. Hoping I looked every bit as daring as dad could.
"You sure inherited your fathers' guts, I knew you would." Iris admired my personality like it was some kind of abstract painting.
"Stop staring at me like that! And answer my question!"
That seemed to snap the goddess back into reality.
"Oh, you can save your father but it is dangerous, especially for you Kate. He has been taken captive by Zephyrus, my ex. I've told you too much already, Kate you don't have to do this. If you go on this quest to save your father, let me warn you it will only bring you more pain. Trust me I'm your mother."
At this point I was pretty mad, and being told my father was alive, but that I shouldn't go rescue him was like a punch in the face. If this Zephy guy thinks he can steal my dad, and expect me to cry and give up losing all hope, He guessed wrong defiantly wrong.
"Iris, I spat in rage. Obviously I'm not as pacifist as you, like you said I have my dad's guts. And I'm not about to roll over and let your ex kidnap my family!"
And out of anger I slapped at the image in the sink with my spatula, before Mom could say anything else.
I went to my bedroom got out my messenger bag that I use for school. Dumped my books out, and threw in a change of clothes. Ran to Dads room and pulled out of his top drawer a red wooden box that he kept a couple hundred dollars in. Got my tooth brush and hair brush from the bathroom, Threw it all in my bag. And while heading out the door I stuffed a few granola bars from the table in my bag too.
This is it I thought to myself. I'm coming to save you Dad, and stepped outside with a new sense of determination.
Chapter 5 here it is!
Love Love love,
hope you likes it! Next chapter will be in soon, I love comments and feedback so yeah.
(Please note Camp Half-Blood and all original characters from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Heroes of Olympus, Belong to Rick Riordan NOT ME!)
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popwiz15 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
This is an awesome story a little confusing at parts but still really good!
wildbeth Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
oh i remember this one you read it to me
this one is good:XD:
daughterofathena1299 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012
LOVE IT!!!!!! when will the next one be out (im only asking because this is the only site im not banned from so im mega bored )
diddstar Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
THank you!!!:woohoo: I'll try to publish the next chapter very soon.:pc:
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